Above is our betting calculator, this calculator will be used to enter the correct amount to bet.

After the plays are received:

Step 1: Enter how much your “bankroll amount” will be.

Step 2: Enter the “number of units” to bet. (This will be sent to you)

Step 3: Enter the “amount to bet” into the sportsbook of your choosing (5Dimes, bovada, betonline, ect.)

Note: It’s mandatory to use the calculator associated with each package! If you don’t this could drastically affect payouts!

This is a very simple process. As long as you can read an email, push a button, and follow the directions, you can do this.

Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to making money:

STEP 1 - Google online sports books and pick one to your liking. ( BOVADA, 5Dimes, BetUSA are some of the most popular ) Select one of your liking and verify its ok to place wagers from your location. Call them up and make a deposit. (Be wary of bonus requirements)

STEP 2 Once you make a deposit to a Sportbook of your liking, download Venmo on your phone. Type into the Venmo search bar ATSportsplays. Send the payment for the pick, Daily Card (specify the sport, ex. NBA OR MLB). Once you make payment to ATSports you will receive the plays via text/email. BE SURE TO CHECK BOTH! PLAYS WILL BE SENT OUT 30min-1hour or sooner before the time of the game. Specify which plays you want in the payment for Venmo(NBA or MLB). Some days there might be only 1 play. Be sure to check your email/texts for times of games and updates.

STEP 3 You then log into your online betting account you set up and place the bets. Once the bets win you keep ALL the profits. We don't take a percentage back like others. All the profits are 100% yours. If you never placed a wager before you can call up the customer service # to your online book and they will assist you placing bets over the phone. I have had many beginners who have never placed a bet. Also for terminology use HERE If you have any questions for ATSports email support at [email protected].



This is our silver plays our entry level package. This package consists of one 1 set of play(s) for games for that day. Starting at $15 per play(s). You will be sent the play via text/email.

We have found that a lot of our Silver Package members upgrade to the Gold Package. Check the “Gold Package” tab on the main menu.


This is our Gold Package, this package consists of (30) silver plays. Most of our long term players purchase this package.

$499 Value For $249


tThe Platinum Plays are exclusively for the high roller players. The minimum amount to qualify for this level of play is a $5000 bank roll. After this package is purchased check your email!! Further directions for this package will be sent to you!

We do not place any bets for you. There are 3 online sportsbooks (BOVADA, 5Dimes, BetUSA) that we recommend. Do your own research before you select one of them. Make sure you are allowed to place bets from your state of residence. Call them up and make your deposit. (Beware of bonus requirements.)

Disclaimer: When you make your first payment you are agreeing to the following terms. You must play all the games and follow the unit system!!! Do not dm or message ATSports. They need every minute of the day to work on plays. There is no guarantee, no PayPal, or credit card claims or chargebacks! All sales are final! By agreeing to these terms you will not make a false claims such as unauthorized charges/claims and or duplicate charges!

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